‘We’re like brothers. We have a connection on another level’ Says Danny He wants to have his band mates as his best men when he gets married His fiance is Georgia Horsley He popper the question back in July of 2013 There’s traditionally only meant to be one best man   Danny Jones will have his McFly bandmates as his best men when he ties the knot later this year. The 27-year-old singer is in the process of planning his upcoming wedding to former Miss England Georgia Horsley, and said he as already decided to have Tom Fletcher, Harry Judd and Dougie Poynter as three of his six best men. Praising the trio, Danny admitted he and his bandmates get on ‘amazingly well’, despite hailing from very different backgrounds.      Speaking in an interview with this week’s edition of Hello! magazine, he said: ‘I said to Georgia, “How many can…Continue Reading
Justin went to Panama with his bikini model friend Chantel Jeffries after his DUI arrest Justin reportedly shut out his manager and his team after bust Reports claim Bieber spends £5,000 a week on marijuana and uses an array of other drugs Usher is trying to get through to Justin and make him change his ways   Justin Bieber’s mentor Usher and his manager Scooter Braun have arrived in Panama for talks with the troubled teen star. The two who will hopefully bring an end to the 19-year-old’s bad behavior were snapped posing with fans at the luxury resort where Justin and his entourage have bedded down.  Justin’s childhood friend Ryan Butler is also present, according to TMZ, meaning that this powerful triumvirate could perhaps counter some of the party elements in Justin’s crew, including ‘bad girl’ Chantel Jeffries.   Those closest to Bieber believe the young star is out of control…Continue Reading
Nearly at $100,000 (£60,584.00) Only 116 copies ever made First bid was $4,999 (£3,000) It was part of a special even in 1990   Only 116 copies of Nintendo World Championships were ever made, as part of a special event in 1990. The first bid came in at $4,999 (£3,000), but the game is likely to fetch more, one Nintendo expert said. Unfortunately for collectors, the cartridge is in poor condition – with a ripped label and “Mario” written on it in ballpoint pen. “This is quite unfortunate but happened many decades ago,” explained the seller in his description of the “super-rare” item, adding that whoever wrote on the label did not have “a clue what they actually had”. They are considered the holy grail among Nintendo collectors” Chris Scullion Computer and Video Games Scratched Ferrari Created for the Nintendo Entertainment System – better known as NES – Nintendo World…Continue Reading
Black lines show where the glue-free area is Designer by Chinese innovators at Nanoin Design studio They claim it will save 25% of the adhesive typically used during manufacture   It’s an age-old problem that’s had present-wrappers fighting a ridiculous battle with sellotape The ‘Transparent Tape’ is the work of Chinese designers at Nanoin Design who wanted to create a simple solution to this sticky problem.     HOW IT WORKS The tape works by having non-adhesive edges so that its easy to find the end of the roll by running a finger around it. Black lines show exactly where the glue-free area is, making it easy to see the edges. The design hopes to do away with the need to scratch at the end of the roll while trying to lift it, which damages the tape.              
Journeys will be paid by advertisers Destinations include restaurants, casions and more Google would use location data to show ads on phones, or bus stops Business would consider whether potential profits outweighs the costs In the future, google could take over taxis with their self driving cars     Thinking of going out for a fun evening? Or even a romantic evening with a trip to your favorite restaurant? Well, in the future you could be taken there for free courtesy of google’s self driving cars. The system would run on Google’s existing AdWords software, and in the future, these journeys could even be carried out by Google’s self-driving cars. The ad-powered taxi service was detailed in a patent originally filed in 2011 called ‘Transportation-aware physical advertising conversions’. It explains that local businesses would compete for the adverts in the same way firms currently compete for Google adverts on webpages.…Continue Reading
Beber was arrested for a DUI, Drag Racing, Driving with expired license and resisting arrest. Sports label Adidas are ‘standing by’ the pop star despite his arrest Justin claimed that his mother gave him anti-anxiety drug Xanax Bieber admitted that he had been ‘Smoking weed all day’ Bieber’s father was involved in the drag-racing     Also appearing tense was Justin’s father Jeremy Bieber, who was pictured outside talking to their attourney, Roy Black.             Saying Hi!; Below is the video of Justin Waving To His Fans (Source DailyMail)   Criminal! Below is the video of a policeman stating what happened. (Source : DailyMail)         Check out the other stories about this event: Here and Here      
There have been concerns recently after sales are slowing down The company’s growth is slowing down The company reported a drop in quarterly profit This hasn’t happened in two years   Samsung, the world’s biggest maker of Phones and TV’s Net profit was7.3tn won ($6.8bn; £4bn) in the October-to-December period, down 11% from the previous three months.has reported a 11% drop. Samsung’s earnings were hurt by a drop in margins in its mobile phone division, which saw operating income fall 18% quarter-on-quarter. The company paid a special bonus totalling 800bn won to employees during the quarter to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Chairman Lee Kun Hee’s management strategy, which is widely credited to have spurred its growth. Looking at the quarterly earnings trend, we expect 2014 to follow last year’s pattern of a weak first half and a strong second half as usual – Robert Yi Samsung Electronics   The success…Continue Reading
Scientists reveal  battery implant It can charge from our heart It can already charge a pacemaker Transforms movement from heartbeat into energy     The thin, flexible plastic-looking device has already been tested on cows. It has been proven that it can produce enough energy to power a pacemaker.   So, How does it work?? The small strip converts the constant movement of organs such as the heart, lungs and diaphragm into energy. The tiny piezoelectric power plants are comprised of lead zirconate titanate nanoribbons, housed in biocompatible plastic. There’s also an integrated rectifier that converts the electric signal and a tiny rechargeable battery, all encased in the same plastic. To produce more power, multiple units could be placed on an organ, the team believe. It the future, it could be used to power a range of gadgets.  Scientists say.   The tiny piezoelectric power plants are comprised of lead…Continue Reading
Chelsea have agreed a deal to sign Egypt midfielder Mohamed Salah He is from Swiss champions Basel The deal will cost a fee in the region of £11m.     Chelsea’s Premier League rivals Liverpool had held talks with Basel with hope of making Salah their first signing of the January transfer window. The Blues agreed to sell Juan Mata to Manchester United on Wednesday. United’s club-record £37m move for Mata appears to have encouraged Chelsea to move swiftly for Salah, who would become their third signing of the January transfer window after the arrivals of Nemanja Matic and Bertrand Traore.   “Chelsea Football Club can confirm an agreement has been reached with FC Basel for the transfer of their 21-year-old attacking midfielder Mohamed Salah,” read a statement on the club’s website. Salah, who can play in a variety of positions, has been tracked by a number of clubs after…Continue Reading