Chris Brown’s mother reached out to the family of the Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person to die of Ebola in the U.S. last week. According to Brian Curtis, a Dallas-Fort Worth reporter/anchor, Chris’ mom called on behalf of the Brown family to offer help. Late last night, Chris tweeted his thoughts on the outbreak, which has killed more than 4,000 people in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, according to the World Health Organization. I don’t know … But I think this Ebola epidemic is a form of population control. Shit is getting crazy bruh. — Chris Brown (@chrisbrown) October 13, 2014 Let me shut my black ass up! — Chris Brown (@chrisbrown) October 13, 2014 After fans on Twitter started criticizing his theory, he responded with the second tweet above. Both tweets have not been deleted since they were posted earlier this morning.
A new train design will deliver faster, more frequent and more reliable journeys with the first walk-through and air-cooled trains on the Tube lines that are deep underground. 250 new Tube trains for the Bakerloo, Central, Piccadilly and Waterloo & City lines Walk-through carriages helping to ease extra demand at peak times Air-cooled carriages for a more comfortable journey More reliability as modern signalling systems will ensure fewer delays More capacity with a faster, more frequent service Improved accessibility with step-free access at platform level [badge]Source:TFL[/badge] London is getting ready to welcome new Tube trains for the next 40 years. Last week, London unveiled the new cars to the public for the first time, and when the trains finally hit the tracks starting in the mid-2020s, they’ll bring an appreciable list of improvements to riders. [badge] © Transport For London[/badge] With the new design, you’ll be able to walk the entire length of the train, which…Continue Reading
“The Walking Dead” is back for its fifth season — and has already been renewed for a sixth! The Walking Dead, like most television series that strive for greatness, has been able to operate on different levels for different viewers. Part of that is the construct, of course – people love mobsters (The Sopranos) in the same way they love zombies or any other inherently action-based creation. As long as there’s enough of that surface distraction for a certain audience, then deviations into morality and existentialism are more or less tolerated. Those issues are, however, what makes great shows work. There have been a lot of creative zombie movies with variations on the theme of what it means to be human in a dark new world, but let’s not kid ourselves — essentially they are two hours of running like hell in an effort to not be eaten. Episodes like…Continue Reading
The Official Charts Company have confirmed that ‘Counting Stars’ has surpassed the million copies sales mark and has joined the just over 150 other songs in UK chart history to have achieved this feat. ‘Counting Stars’ was released in August 2013 and took seven weeks to reach the No. 1 spot where it stayed for two non-consecutive weeks. The Ryan Tedder-composed track is still yet to leave the top 100. The track becomes one of the highest selling British songs of all time. [badge]OneRepublic’s 2013 single ‘Counting Stars’ has now sold over one million copies in the UK.[/badge] [badge]Ryan Tedder told that the song was written while staying with Beyonce and Jay Z in the Hamptons.[/badge] “On the second day I woke up early and I started combing through the internet, searching for stuff that would inspire me for Beyonce. “I ended up coming across this weird song that…Continue Reading
Snapchat hackers planning to leak around 200,000 explicit images tomorrow. Named ‘The Snappening’ (Just like the iCloud hack of celebrity photos called ‘The Fappening’) Some 200,000 users of the app, many of whom are teenagers, have allegedly had their photos gathered by the third party over a number of years before the pictures were posted on a website. Users claim that they hacked into third-party app Snapsave, which enables Snapchatters to screenshot the images they receive in order to keep pictures which would otherwise expire. Snapchat has denied that its servers were jeopardised in the alleged attack. “We can confirm that Snapchat’s servers were never breached and were not the source of these leaks,” Snapchat said in a statement (via Endgadget). “Snapchatters were victimised by their use of third-party apps to send and receive Snaps, a practice that we expressly prohibit in our Terms of Use precisely because they compromise…Continue Reading
Iwan Rheon has admitted that he was disappointed to see the planned Misfits movie scrapped. DigitalSpy Reports that Antonia Thomas recently confirmed that a mooted film spinoff from the E4 series is no longer happening.   ” It looked like it was really going to happen at one stage, but it’s gone away now,” Rheon – who played Simon on the show – confirmed to Digital Spy. “I don’t know exactly why or what’s going on.” Misfits creator Howard Overman first revealed that he was working on a movie version in 2012, hinting at appearances from both Rheon’s character and Thomas’s Alisha. “It would’ve been nice to do for old time’s sake,” Rheon said. “It’s been a while now since we did it and it would’ve been nice to work with [the old cast] again.” Last year, Rheon told DS that Misfits would “be a really fun thing to go back and revisit”. “In a way, I…Continue Reading