During O.T. Genasis’ performance of “CoCo” live in New York at Webster Hall, the rapper took a nose dive off stage into the crowd below and split his head open pretty badly, causing blood to run down the front of his face. Although his head gash looks like it needs a fairly decent amount of stitches, he attempts to get back on stage with security’s help however is unsuccessful, as he walks off he urges O.T to continue performing “Keep that sh*t going n***a”. Apparently Busta got cleaned up backstage and found his way back to the performance before the show was over. He later addressed his fans via twitter letting them know that he was doing just fine. “I SALUTE ALL CALLS FRM FAMILY AND FRIENDS MAKIN’ SURE I’M GOOD,” he tweeted. “JUST 4 THE RECORD I’M SUPER GOOD!! WHEN U LOVE WHAT UDO AND UR PASSIONATE ABOUT WINNING U GO…Continue Reading
Officer Darren Wilson has resigned from the Ferguson, MO, Police Department. In his resignation letter, part of which was published by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Wilson writes: “I have been told that my continued employment may put the residents and police officers of the City of Ferguson at risk, which is a circumstance that I cannot allow.” Wilson was placed on leave after the shooting and continued to receive his $45,300 salary. He fled his home and remains in hiding. He made his first public appearance since the incident on Tuesday in an interview with ABC News, in which he said he had a clear conscience because “I know I did my job right.” He continued by saying that this decision was based on concern for the community: “It was my hope to continue in police work, but the safety of other police officers and the community are of paramount…Continue Reading