After the near-death experience of Toy Story 3, the toys of Toy Story are naturally going to react to that traumatic experience by finding solace in each other’s tiny plastic arms. Bo was Woody’s love interest in the first two Toy Story films, but those of you who saw Toy Story 3 will remember that Bo Peep was mysteriously absent. The only reference to her disappearance was this sad bit between Woody and Rex:

Woody: We’ve lost friends along the way… Wheezy… and Etch and…
Rex: Bo Peep?
Woody: …Yeah. Even – even Bo.

There have been fantheories and headcanons swirling around ever since, including theories of Bo Peep being sold at a yard sale, getting lost, or even running away. One of the more pragmatic views is that she wasn’t included because she would never survive the incinerator scene. Because she’s porcelain, she would have cracked and broken the moment they got close to the fire.

Bu at this week’s D23 Expo, which is a biannual convention where the company gives fans a behind-the-scenes look and previews its future releases, Disney’s chief creative officer John Lasseter told CNBC Toy Story 4 is

“a love story with Woody and—and this is news—Bo Peep.”

Toy Story 4 isn’t set to be released until June 15, 2017.